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Actor, Singer, Voiceovers
"Take it from someone who's seen Sweeney 12 times dating from the first New York preview, I've never heard anyone sing this difficult piece of material better than Adam Bashian does here."
      -Peter Filichia of the Star-Ledger

"The weapons plied by the eight uniformly excellent performers here are nothing more than lips, larynx, lungs and so forth."


-Ben Brantly, New York Times

"Adm Bashian perfectly achieves an impossible balance in this song; we have to both laugh at Ed and feel for him, we have to see him approach the darkness but still care enough to hope he can pull back. It would be easy to let this song be all parody, but the way he sings these lines is so authentic, nuanced, and vulnerable that you can actually feel the audience recalibrating in this moment" 

-Dave Malloy, composer

"The cast has phenomenal voices, especially Adam Bashian’s rattling bass"


-OnStage Blog

“With matinee-idol good looks and a silky bass-baritone voice, Adam Bashian is a real star in his role as Sky Masterson.”


-South Florida Gay News

“Bashian proves here to be a winning, engaging actor who captures Paduar’s charm and intelligence. And like everyone else in the cast, he’s downright funny.”

-Florida Theatre On Stage

“It can be of little surprise that (Sarah) is won over by Adam Bashian as Sky, with his soap opera star good looks and deep, resonant voice. His masculine ease makes him believable as both the ladies' man and man's man that Sky is meant to be.”


-John Lariviere,

"You're not THAT bad of a dancer."

-Karen Ziemba 

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